Eve of Eventuality

In the open air, where the wispy white haired pseudo-monk called to the darkness
We stood in the line of fire
Mechanisms of immediate, beautiful retaliation
Out of nothing into a life we can’t help but live
Spinning gypsies, projectiles
Launched forth to be the only tomorrow left
And I loved you on a Thursday
And that means Friday, Saturday,
et cetera
But I’ll meet you at the et cetera
to sing the same songs we always have
kick the rock down the road
All the way to where we knew we were going


It’s Okay

I wish you could realize I haven’t seen god
I saw a peace sign
on the sweet scar chest of the man I trusted to play my music
It was easier to digest than deity
harder to understand than oblivion
But every tomorrow holds the inevitable empty depth of the nothing we are afraid to represent
There’s a persistence in my blood and the vampires couldn’t help but taste it
But in the end breath and body passes
Life passes
And it’s okay


Love & The Special Sauce

2 generations late to gun down the sun
Who knew that father would come in shades of ripped shorts and turquoise beads
Lessons recede too fast with the tides but we can only pray that peace love and happiness adorn your adolescent beaches
Tomorrow scares me more than the word uncertainty thought it could, but I’ve found new conceptions of family in the minutes our breath transpired before dawn
So count out your points and meet me on the beach to tell me what we’ve won
Because winter butterflies shouldn’t die with their secrets


New-Dance Fashion Pit

Joy, joy,joy, joy, light and joy
High pitch prince of song solution
Sweat-through-shirt falsetto suburb pop deliverance
Fuck SUVs
Fuck gardens
Fuck garden gnomes
Fuck complacency
Praise abused, dream-drunk vocal chords
purge, purge away politics, the human disaster artist, skin-loose breath syphoner afraid to abdicate our throne
My beard never came in right,
I’ve had to pee for 20 minutes
Who’s on guitar
Epiphany is uncomfortable,
I remember reading about his grief…
I hope he feels me(us) here


There’s a lotta revolution to take a piss

Holy Fuck-stick time-bomb
the avalanche
Light, light, light euphoria and sound paralysis
Where were you? Where were you?
Where are we for the big question?
I don’t know I’m sure, but the sound is mounting
Pink satin walls, pink satin walls
Do they bring their own lights and is a peach as sweet in every state?
In this moment I can swear to you I don’t know, but I know this isn’t good enough
And it won’t be


Dressed Down and Ready for Fire

There’s no god, and he’s not in this basement, but there’s a band and that’s more than enough for me
You look so cool, when you won’t put your hands up
There’s not enough time in the rotting core of this nation, planet
To try to put posture in this crowd,
In Rock and roll,
In Kerosene laden Wednesday nights
No one gives a fuck if you’ll help light the spark
but once this thing blows there’s no turning back
Thank god
Why would you want to?


Dog the Youth

He’s heard rumors he’s in the twilight of his life
And though he can count his children since dawn
Time has yet to smell the optimism in his coming days
It’s funny how all we remember are the rings in wrinkled skin
The only maps we find are the varicose veins tracing paths away from youth
I’ve been scared to slide further into my own eventuality
But the way he embraced today’s sun has soothed my existence
I used to see life sitting like a rabid dog, hurried
But today we stood together noticing each second of the day and I learned what it means
to live forever


All That’s Left Are Love Songs

I’ve been spending a lot of my time in dark rooms, watching people standing in the light
There’s a quietness, buried in their sound
As they stand trapped, by a captive audience
Affixed to the stage, mirroring back the energy we pour into the ether
Entertainers of the frightened, leaking masses
Teaching lessons of confidence wrapped in the shroud of vulnerability my family can’t help but keep passing down
But I know it’s love…
Love that holds them together as the world quakes around them
Love that whispers every name I’ve forgotten tonight
Love that finds it’s safe haven here with our people
Love set ablaze burning the reticence we forgot to let go of