There’s a lotta revolution to take a piss

Holy Fuck-stick time-bomb
the avalanche
Light, light, light euphoria and sound paralysis
Where were you? Where were you?
Where are we for the big question?
I don’t know I’m sure, but the sound is mounting
Pink satin walls, pink satin walls
Do they bring their own lights and is a peach as sweet in every state?
In this moment I can swear to you I don’t know, but I know this isn’t good enough
And it won’t be


Come to the Rap Concert 

Hold a candle light vigil to who you were before the tranformation
I forgot when I go out of pocket blow the rocket burn elation
And did I tell you what I saw when I caught a glimpse of god
Nappy hair low lights raw people bone rock
It’s jazz it’s fast it’s formulating fleeting
It’s lost it’s found it’s searching finding its believing
Instruments in my rises and valleys
Find my way on the board while minutes form on chalk talleys
Let’s flame the money and go broke together
Denim jacket white tee can’t afford the the leather
But youre here…