Show Alone

24, in a crowd staring down that new adrenaline
Era of punk releasing amp deaf riot on generation (fuck the letter)
Why has it been so hard to coax $12 out of friends to take part?
It’s turbulent in my psyche, I’m sure I’ll never get it
At least sure as fuck that I hope not
Things are passive for people, easily avoided in favor of a night of rest
Meanwhile future biographers contemplate suicide as they try to find something beyond sleep and solitude to enliven the success of man
It’s too young in this life to grow old, maturity is a poison noun that emboldens the risk averse with a sense of pride in their cowardice
I’ve come to learn that breathing fire will always burn the tongue
And it should
For how else will you remember the taste when you set your patch of earth ablaze
Ignited from your core, to light an effigy to every coming moment of your existence
So fuck it if you can’t come
In the end,
maybe you never had the spark to take part


Glass House Existence

Tainted by illusions of legitimacy drawn out by time
Undeterred by another millennium’s passing
You the misguided zealots of today work to drown out the legitimacy of mankind…
The flesh beating heart unrelenting, undetermined by supernatural implications
The real dreamers captivated by the angelic limitations of man
Joyously afraid to die in the pursuit of radiant existence,
Validated by the ever-looming terror of a finite answer to the question of forever
We will not bow to your war-backed flower picking
Tearing daisies from the earth for fear of their wilting and it’s suggestions on the sanctity of beauty
We are the paintings of the future,
Ephemeral saints beating our path towards the dirt


Year after Year

Cut your hand to its deepest still not expose the weakness 

Get tangled in the afternoons and end up being sleepless
Fall fifty feet from freedom and end up broken hearted
In the time it takes the universe to stop what it has started 
Mumble all the words to all your favorite songs
In the middle of the night while waiting up for dawn
Get chased for half a life time by fear and seething summers
That sweat away the every day and rip you from your slumber 
Drop hopelessly, completely in to love and morning 
As the sun topples into fire lakes and storms it stopped absorbing
End up lost and cracked from head straight to your soul
All to learn life wanes and breaks and years they take their tole 


Modern Man and the Search for Evil

We find enemies where we look for them
Monsters with different outlooks,
Staring back at the saints we know ourselves to be
Not everyone can be right, luckily we are the chosen few
The sanctified,
The beautiful,
The rich,
The fortunate,
Doing our best to save the similar
Fight off the evils that dwell in the unknown,
Terrified by the uncertainty with which we view our fellow man
There’s no time for peace
We are at war with those who stand in the shadows,
The great darkness we cast
Who can be bothered to stop and wonder,
If maybe they are afraid too?