New-Dance Fashion Pit

Joy, joy,joy, joy, light and joy
High pitch prince of song solution
Sweat-through-shirt falsetto suburb pop deliverance
Fuck SUVs
Fuck gardens
Fuck garden gnomes
Fuck complacency
Praise abused, dream-drunk vocal chords
purge, purge away politics, the human disaster artist, skin-loose breath syphoner afraid to abdicate our throne
My beard never came in right,
I’ve had to pee for 20 minutes
Who’s on guitar
Epiphany is uncomfortable,
I remember reading about his grief…
I hope he feels me(us) here


Modern Man and the Search for Evil

We find enemies where we look for them
Monsters with different outlooks,
Staring back at the saints we know ourselves to be
Not everyone can be right, luckily we are the chosen few
The sanctified,
The beautiful,
The rich,
The fortunate,
Doing our best to save the similar
Fight off the evils that dwell in the unknown,
Terrified by the uncertainty with which we view our fellow man
There’s no time for peace
We are at war with those who stand in the shadows,
The great darkness we cast
Who can be bothered to stop and wonder,
If maybe they are afraid too?