We Hurt

11/9 is nothing but unusual
Tears and all black at America’s funeral
Somber procession through the streets of my city
While the south treat their sheets in bleach with no pity
Who’ll let the white majority condemn the minority?
Touting hate, fear and violence as the benchmarks of authority
They claim to own possession of the land that we stole
Yelling at the masses to sit quiet and know their role
And the cracks in the path stain pain in the mud
But there’s love in my people that flows thicker than blood


Home of the Ignorant

Visceral conception of freedom
Imagined on the paintbrush orgy palette of the American spectacle
Home of the red, Caucasian and blue
Expelled from a sinner’s womb as illegitimate children of Mary Magdelene
Throwing rocks and building broken barriers based on beautifully butchered reasoning
Tattoo pilgrims re-raping the darker poets across our past stolen landscape
We stand proud of our time tattered ideals, gorged with dogmatic zeal on poisoned platitudes
Bravely believing in the big brands of hate over the black and blue dignity of the disenfranchised everyman
We are all the passive bystander
The not-my-fault perpetrators of a civilization’s decline


What Have YOU Done?

Dispatched body parts
Strewn through the institutions of our nation
A quite count of corpses ticking
with the persistence of the wrist watch in my nightstand drawer
Scared and angry,
YOU shout for rights not life
touting antiquated traditions
etched in gun metal and blood
Sickness, Sickness, Sickness
Of the prevailing violent spirit
Digging our divisions deeper
And still the stacking of bare armed bodies
There is no more passive in this pacifist
The vile mantra of your liberties will not be tolerated
YOU are the evil that armed the monster