I Still Ignite My dreams

Squash face disciple of the blood teeth rock and roll bible
Dance your anger piety in my circle until we purge this overbearing hate
I didn’t fucking vouch for it
And it hurts
But broken nose prophets with our red dried t-shirts know the game
It’s all shit and poison pretense
So let’s take a dose of this defective, beautiful flame quench personality of move along with it
and burn the next four years into a fire big enough to light the wick of love and art
Ivory string poised to explode
in definitions of this millennium to come


Slick Sin Rock and Roll Nights

Age tattered rock gene seraphim
Dancing, shaking your kung fu boogie to the depths of our preconceived rock and roll warrior soul
Let’s dance, lets fucking dance to what we want to be
To what we can be, should be,
And drag the whole song out to its logical conclusion…
7 stones skipped from anarchy’s pillow
With bad beer and demon breath exaltations
No one’s special in the time thrown prove yourself
Until they are, and we taste it
And it means everything
Jesus, chrstopher, skull fuck saint its important


No Goodbyes

Staring into the empty room above me
Time-tortured guitar expands to fill the space
Resounding in me
Ancient electricity tuned to the touch of night
Breathing slowly
Vibrating its nostalgia in today
And the myth of mortality
gods caressing strings
Impossible to silence
As hours of epiphany exude
The pain and pleasure of sound
It’s a prayer, a memory
A don’t forget me
It’s one hero’s eternal last stand
Tonight, it’s Jimi