Sweet Jesus, Crucify Your Heathen Boy

Vibe children, great defeaters of the pestilence
Cruise movers, street sweeping the mundane
Lock into the sound mash, light blitz frenzy
I remember
The Bible talk of the chosen
Sanctify the willing
In the dying rain of unquenched, longing lips, the empty bucket of the deserving
Find me tossing rocks at the abyss
For echoes, not answers


Sheet Peeks and Valleys

Bone fire sex, bruised neck reckless
Suction and combustion, choke chain necklace
Form face breathless, night burns to breakfast
Weak sun sheet fun, the day stands feckless
You didn’t expect this, to fall and find your whimsical
Feathers steal your thoughts, sly quill criminal
Mind pill subliminal
Time kill centripetal
Force found purpose in protest of the biblical
Lazy haze Sunday, pouring in
Shower, glasses, coffee
Van Morrison


Year after Year

Cut your hand to its deepest still not expose the weakness 

Get tangled in the afternoons and end up being sleepless
Fall fifty feet from freedom and end up broken hearted
In the time it takes the universe to stop what it has started 
Mumble all the words to all your favorite songs
In the middle of the night while waiting up for dawn
Get chased for half a life time by fear and seething summers
That sweat away the every day and rip you from your slumber 
Drop hopelessly, completely in to love and morning 
As the sun topples into fire lakes and storms it stopped absorbing
End up lost and cracked from head straight to your soul
All to learn life wanes and breaks and years they take their tole