Show Alone

24, in a crowd staring down that new adrenaline
Era of punk releasing amp deaf riot on generation (fuck the letter)
Why has it been so hard to coax $12 out of friends to take part?
It’s turbulent in my psyche, I’m sure I’ll never get it
At least sure as fuck that I hope not
Things are passive for people, easily avoided in favor of a night of rest
Meanwhile future biographers contemplate suicide as they try to find something beyond sleep and solitude to enliven the success of man
It’s too young in this life to grow old, maturity is a poison noun that emboldens the risk averse with a sense of pride in their cowardice
I’ve come to learn that breathing fire will always burn the tongue
And it should
For how else will you remember the taste when you set your patch of earth ablaze
Ignited from your core, to light an effigy to every coming moment of your existence
So fuck it if you can’t come
In the end,
maybe you never had the spark to take part


Flames Of Youth


Stacking splinters in the skin,
Pervasive shards to chase the heart
While vinyl drips into the air
Warren Zevon
Werewolves in the night,
Animalistic pleasures
Poured thick with the poison
We are fallen gods
Ancestors of Prometheus
Rediscovering fire
Just to set the city ablaze
Acoustic tunes strum the shadows
Forcing the flickering souls to dance
And the fire burns
Red, white and young
In spite of the darkness